Wareham Camera Club Constitution

1. The Club shall be called the “Wareham Camera Club”.

2. The aim of the Club shall be to encourage the art and science of photography.

3. This aim shall be achieved largely by the holding of near-weekly Club meetings from early September through to end April.

4. Membership is open to any person, subject to the Club's Policy on Children and Vulnerable Adults Attending Club Activities. The Committee may, however, decide that an individual is not suitable for membership.

5. An Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held in May each year.

6. The Club’s financial year shall run from the 1st April to the 31st March of the following year, to allow the audited balance sheet to be prepared and presented, for approval, at the AGM.

7. A Committee, consisting of at least the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Club Secretary, Treasurer, Programme Secretary, and Competition Secretary, shall be elected at the AGM. Other Committee Members may, during the year, be co-opted by the Committee to fill vacancies or to take on additional roles, as found necessary.

8. The Committee shall be responsible for managing the affairs of the Club, including the Competition Rules and the Club's Policy on Children and Vulnerable Adults Attending Club Activities

9. At Committee Meetings, a quorum shall be formed by the attendance of 50% of the Members.

10. A President shall be elected at an AGM. The President shall monitor that the activities of the Club are in line with the stated aims of the Club, for example, by attending ordinary Club meetings and Committee meetings (the latter in a non-voting capacity). The President may also be called upon to represent the Club in outside activities.

11. Committee Members are eligible for re-election each year. The Chairman will not be eligible for more than two consecutive years in this capacity, but may serve in any other capacity.

12. The Club Secretary shall keep Minutes of all meetings and conduct correspondence. The Treasurer shall keep accounts of all monies received and paid out and present the audited balance sheet at the AGM.

13. The annual subscription shall be determined by the Committee and approved at the AGM. New members joining after Christmas, may, at the discretion of the Committee, pay a reduced subscription. Members in arrears by more than one month from the start of the season shall be deemed lapsed.

14. In addition to the annual subscription, a Weekly Attendance Fee shall be charged to every Member attending a Club meeting. The level of the Weekly Attendance Fee shall be determined by the Committee and approved at the AGM.

15. The Committee may propose, for approval at an AGM, individuals for lifetime Honorary Membership (i.e. not subject to either the annual subscription or the Weekly Attendance Fee) in recognition of services to the Club.

16. Guests are welcome to attend ordinary Club meetings, up to four times in a season. Guests shall make a contribution to Club funds of twice the Weekly Attendance Fee. If a Guest subsequently joins the Club, then the amount to be paid as Subscription shall be reduced by the amount that that person has already paid as guest contributions that season.

17. Special General Meetings may be called by the Committee, by the President, or by a group of Club members petitioning the Club Secretary. In the latter case, at least 15% of the membership shall be signatories.

18. The Club Secretary shall distribute notification of and the agenda for General Meetings, giving at least seven clear days notice, except in the case of the AGM, where four week’s notice shall be given.

19. No alteration shall be made to this Constitution except at a General Meeting. A change may be approved via a simple majority vote from those present at the meeting.

20. The decision to dissolve the Club may only be taken in the case that the Club cannot continue, for example, due lack of funds, or because a Committee cannot be formed. This decision can only be taken at a General Meeting. In the case of dissolution, and after all debts and liabilities have been discharged, the remaining assets are to be given to a voluntary organisation having similar objectives to those of the Club, or to a charity approved at the General Meeting.

4 August 2017