External Competitions

Wareham Camera Club are members of the Southern Counties Photographic Federation (SCPF) and have entered into the League Competition for digitally projected images.

This season we have been successful in League 2 and have now been promoted to League 1. EXCELLENT RESULT FOR WAREHAM CAMERA CLUB.

Each club submits eight DPI's and they are judged separately in each Club by different judges. The results are published on the SCPF web site. To find the current results go to southerncounties.org.uk and select League and then PDI League.

PAGB Inter-Club Competition

For the first time Wareham Camera Club competed in the PABG Inter-Club PDI Competition held at Warwick on 13th July 2019.
From the Final Result Sheet below you can see we scored a credible 101 points alongside our friends at Dorchester Camera Club and Chichester (the other SCPF Club).

2019 Scores Results