How to Enter Print and DPI Images for Competitions

How to Set up your competitions entries both Print into DPI Competitions. (AMENDED 12 SEPTEMBER 2018)

Digital Images

1 Set your Colour Space to sRGB

2 Make sure it is 8-bit

3 Send as a JPEG with a Quality of 12

4 Send as single Attachments (not inside folders)

5 State the name of the competition in the subject box

6 Make sure your photo’s are sized correctly i.e..

Landscape Width 1400 (the Height will set automatically)
Portrait Height 1050 (the Width will set automatically)
Square Height and Width 1050

7 Number, Name and Title your photo as per the example

01_ Image Title_Your Name

Do not use any of the following in your title - / ? “ : ; ‘ ! @

Please use Underscore not dash between number, name, title
Number your photo’s 01 02 03 (Not 1 2 3)

8 Send your images using the format below to both the Clubs email address and to the Competition Secretaries email address together.

The Format is

From (your name)


01_ Image title_ your name

02_Image title_your name

03_Image title_your name


01_Image Title_your name

02_Image Title_your name

03_Image Title_your name

9 Make sure your Entries are in by the closing date listed in the programme on this web site (key [795647] doesn't existclick here).