Internal Competition Results

2021/2022 SEASON

League Competition 2 Tues.November 23rd

Black and white prints

Hoping for Supper – Nigel Gidney

Coloured prints

Adams Plaza Bridge – Tim Green


Milky Way Rising at Durdle Door - Terry Mullen

Geoff Pyle Competition Tues.October 19th

Coloured Prints

1st Nigel Gidney – Summer Concert Picnic

2nd Nigel Gidney – Breakfast in the Square

3rd Mary Bevis – Give Us a Lick

H/C Alan Bevis – Train in the Rain


1st Terry Mullen – Milking Time

2nd Alan King – Waiting for the Train

3rd Tony Parsons – Mirror Image

H/C Nigel Gidney – Communicate

H/C Mary Bevis – This is Scary

H/C Mary Bevis – Early Spring at Corfe Castle

H/C Mike Grigsby – Communications

H/C Mike Grigsby – Bembridge Lifeboat Station

League Competition 1 Tues.Sept.28th 2021

Coloured Prints
Gordon Chamberlain - Robin Calling

B/W Prints
Alan Bevis - Home Guard

Rob Ellett - Along the Wall

2020/2021 SEASON

'Best of Year' 13th April 2021
Our season finale has been held with results as follows:

B/W prints

1st - Steam Age Giant - Alan Bevis
2nd - Cranes - Nigel Gidney
3rd - Mupe Bay - Nigel Gidney

Coloured Prints

1st - Winter Robin with Apples - Nigel Gidney
2nd - Melted Metal - Jill Riggs
3rd - Scarce Chaser - Nigel Gidney


1st - Stair Hole - Nigel Gidney
2nd - Rosa Rugosa - Jean Dixon
3rd - Leading off the Bend - Nigel Gidney
H/C - The Wellington Clock Tower - Mike Brown
H/C - Winter Robin - Mary Bevis
H/C - Female Adonis Blue - Alan Bevis
H/C - Moon Rise at Old Harry Rocks - Terry Mullen
H/C - Summer Milky Way at Kynance Cove - Terry Mullen

Well done to the winners as well as to all of the other participants who helped make an entertaining evening showing the best of the club for the year.

League Competition No.5 - 16th March 2021

Mono print
Alan Bevis - Departing Swanage

Coloured print
Serefino Anedda - Portland Bill

Mike Brown - The Wellington Clock Tower

H2O Theme Competition- 2nd March 2021

Ist - Serafino Anedda - Waves
2nd - Mike Brown - Refreshing H2O
3rd - Alan King - Other World

Highly Commended

Alan Bevis - Waterfall
Jill Riggs - H2O
Erica Beck - Too Wet For A Walk
Mary Bevis - Rushing Stream
Nigel Gidney -Watery Playground
Jill Riggs - Reflective
Trevor Smith -Mountain Stream
Alan Bevis -Tumbling Stream
Serafino Anedda- Portland Bill
Derek Way - Having A Sip
Jill Riggs - Dorset Falls
Mike Brown - Inviting H2O

League Competition No.4 - 2nd February 2021

Colour and mono prints temporarily suspended due to Covid19.

Serafino Anedda - Frosty Morning

Highly Commended
Terry Mullen - Kingfisher in Retreat
Graham Tarrant - Young Elephant
Alan Bevis - Common Blue on Grass

League Competition No.3.12th January 2021

Mono Prints.
Jill Riggs LRPS - The Woodman.

Coloured Prints
Nigel Gidney - Winter Robin with Apples.

Highly Commended
Mary Bevis - Delicate Fungi.

Rob Ellett - Hong Kong Beehive.

Highly Commended
Tony Parsons - Bearded Tit on Reed.
Jean Dixon - Frosted Blackberry Leaves.
Mike Grigsby LRPS - The Ancients.
Mike Grigsby LRPS - Gall Wasp.

Woodhouse Trophy Prints 1st December 2020

1st - Nigel Gidney - Scarce Chaser
2nd - Graham Tarrant - Long Tailed Tit
3rd - Jill Riggs LRPS - Sulphur Tuft

Bert’s Bole PDI s 1st December 2020

1st - Nigel Gidney - Great Crested Grebes with Feathers
2nd - Graham Tarrant - Banded Demoiselle
3rd - Serafino Anedda - Osprey

Highly Commended
Mary Bevis - Fungi Group
Gordon MacPherson - Raft Spider
Graham Tarrant - Mayfly

League Competition No 2. 3 November 2020

Mono Print
Nigel Gidney - Inside Bend

Print Coloured
Mary Bevis - Backlit Marbled White

Mike Grigsby - Pink Haze

League Competition No1 6 October 2020

Mono Print
Alan Bevis - Steam Age Giant.

Coloured Print
Mary Bevis - Dew Soaked Common Blue

Nigel Gidney - Kingfisher with Minnow

Fun Competition

Winner Pam Bowyer Davis with her image - Being all by myself (click here) to see image.

2019/2020 Season

Best of Year Competition - 16 June 2020 Results

Burgess Shield – Black and White Print of the Year

1st - The Master - Nigel Gidney
2nd - Bleak - Alan Bevis
3rd - Solitude - Graham Tarrant
HC - Tight Bend - Nigel Gidney

Blue Pool Trophy – Coloured Print of the Year

1st - Roe Buck in the Wheat - Gordon Chamberlain
2nd - Blue on Heather - Mary Bevis
3rd - Reed Bunting Feeding - Gordon chamberlain
HC - Beautiful Demoiselle - Mary Bevis
HC - Female Orange Tip - Nigel Gidney
HC - Aggressive Arctic Tern - Alan Bevis

Leigh Shield – Projected Image of the Year

1st - Water Vole - Serafino Anedda
2nd - Scurry Race - Graham Lawrence
3rd - Hong Kong Tramp - Brian Ellis
HC - Someone is Stalking Me - Mike Brown
HC - Quiraing at Dawn - Maggie Lawrence
HC - Bournemouth Beach - Terry Mullen
HC - Coming Home - Rob Ellett
HC - Brimstone Feeding on Thistle - Mary Bevis

The League Competition 2019/2020 Results

Prints - Monochrome
1st - Alan Bevis
2nd - Nigel Gidney
3rd - Graham Lawrence

Prints - Coloured
1st - Gordon Chamberlain
2nd - Serafino Anedda
3rd - Mary Bevis

1st - Terry Mullin
2nd - Nigel Gidney
3rd - Jean Dixon

League Competition 5 - 17 March 2020

Prints - Monochrome
Graham Lawrence - Callanish

Prints - Coloured
Graham Lawrence - Kirkbost

Terry Mullin - Here come the Reds

League Competition 4 - 25 February 2020

Prints - Monochrome
Serafino Anedda - A Pair of Hands

Prints - Coloured
Alan Bevis - Aggressive Artic Tern

Mike Brown- Indian Elephant and Calf

Duncan Trophy 4 February 2020

1st Graham Tarrant
2nd Serafino Anedda
3rd Nigel Gidney

Its A Knockout Competition

Greg Duncan

The Woodhouse Trophy Results

1st Alan Bevis - Aggressive Artic Tern
2nd Mary Bevis - Beautiful Demoiselle
3rd Gordon Chamberlain - Daisy Sniffer

Highly Commended
Alan Bevis - Dolphin Duo
Graham Tarrant - Laid Back Leopard, Luangwa
Gordon Chamberlain - Stretching Little Grebe

Bert’s Bole Results

1st Nigel Gidney - Roe Buck in Flight
2nd Serafino Annedda - Bullfinch
3rd Greylag Goose - Phillip Harris

Highly Commended
Nigel Gidney - Hummingbird Hawk Moth
Phillip Harris - Vipera Berus
Alan Bevis - Autumn Ladies Tresses

The League Competition No 3 Results

Prints Coloured

Alan Bevis - Riding the Rapids

Prints Mono

Graham Lawrence - Crashing Sea


Brian Ellis - Hong Kong Tramp

The League Competition No 2 Results

Prints Coloured

Gordon Chamberlain - Colin the Cuckoo

Prints Mono

Nigel Gidney - The Master


Terry Mullen - Bournemouth Beach

The Alison MacAlister Competition


1st - Alan Bevis - Wing Walkers Display Team
2nd - Mary Bevis - Female reedling
3rd - Alan Bevis - Laid Back Biker

Highly Commended
Pat Ashdown - Street Scene
Hazel Osborne - Getting the Picture
Serafino Anedda - Bee


1st - Gordon MacPherson - Reflective
2nd - Alan King - Crocus Versus the Snow
3rd - Mike Brown - Size is Relative

Highly Commended
Terry Mullen - Santorini Dawn
Gordon MacPherson - Understand Klimt
Jean Dixon - Flower and Buds
Mary Bevis - Mr & Mrs Puffin

The League Competition No 1 Results.

Print Coloured

Gordon Chamberlain - Daisy Sniffer.

Prints Mono

Alan Bevis - Holy Island


Rob Ellett - Harry the Blacksmith