Internal Competition Results

2023-2024 SEASON

Best of Year 2023-24

1st Nigel Gidney - Sparrowhawk through the Reeds
2nd Mike Grigsby - Yellow Billed Stork Impression
3rd Tim Green - Ingrained

1st Nigel Gidney - Remorseless
2nd Derek Way - Field Combat
3rd Nigel Gidney - Sandbanks Dawn

League Competition 5 Tues. March 12th.

1st. Nigel Gidney - The Barber’s Shop
Highly Commended (10s)
Gordon Chamberlain - Male Bearded Reedling
Tim Green - Prairie Post
Jill Riggs - Ash Abstract

1st. Mike Grigsby - Poppy with raindrops
Highly Commended (10s)
Nigel Gidney - I can’t see
Mary Bevis - At the tide’s edge
Jean Dixon - Purple Haze
Mary Bevis - Reedling
Mike Grigsby - Just playing

League Competition 4 Tues.Feb.13th.

Ist. Nigel Gidney - Day Trippers
2nd Graham Tarrant - Bald Eagles in the Rain Forest

Ist Nigel Gidney - Remorseless
2nd Terry Mullen - Female Bearded Reedling Feeding
2nd (joint) Alan Bevis - Victorian Steam Power

League Competition 3 Tues.Jan.9th

Ist Gordon Chamberlain - Siskin and Hawthorn
HC Gordon Chamberlain - Angry octopus at night
HC Mike Grigsby - Shiny and wavy

Ist Rob Ellett -Winter Trees
HC Nigel Gidney - Male bearded reedling
HC Karen Mann - Mercedes Benz

Geoff Pyle Out and About Competition Tues.November 28th

1st Gordon Chamberlain - Angry Octopus at Night
HC Alan Bevis - Vicars Close
HC Nigel Gidney- Under the Pier
HC Jill Riggs - Lone Stroll

1st Derek Way - Artist Painting the Sunset

League Competition 2 Tues.November 14th

!st Nigel Gidney - Blackchurch
HC Serafino Anedda - Seagull and Osprey

1st Alan Bevis - A Spirited Departure
HC Terry Mullen - Avocet Feeding
HC Serafino Anedda - Osprey 2
HC Nigel Gidney - Ham Pier

The Intimate Landscape - Tues.October 31st


1st Mike Grigsby - Wave Cut Rock
2nd Tony Parsons - A Mysterious World
3rd Tim Green - Bottom Lands
HC Mike Grigsby - Whorls Swirls and Pinholes
HC Mike Grigsby - Rock Flow


1st Nigel Gidney - Sandbanks Dawn
2nd Mike Grigsby - Sand Patterns
3rd Alan Bevis - Trees and Reeds
HC Mary Bevis - Early Beech Leaves
HC Rob Ellett - Waiting for Spring
HC Alan Bevis - Twisted Tree
HC Graham Lawrence - Gold in the Brook
HC Pattie Norris - Pieces of Gold
HC Graham Tarrant - Maelstrom
HC Alan Bevis - Fairy Glen
HC Maggie Lawrence - Featherlight
HC Mike Grigsby - Wasp Nest Detail
HC Karren Mann - Hello Friend

League Competition 1 Tues.Sept.26th

Ist Jean Dixon - Bluebell in Bud
Runners up:
Mike Grigsby - Vervet Monkey Impression
Mary Bevis - Peacock feeding on Thistle
Nigel Gidney - Northern March Orchid

Ist Mike Grigsby - Yellow Billed Stork Impression
Runner up - Tim Green - Ingrained

2022-2023 SEASON


WINNERS 2022-23

Colour Print League - Maurice Pascal Trophy - Alan Bevis &
Gordon Chamberlain

Black and White Print League - Hooydonk Trophy - Nigel Gidney

Projected Image League - Shelley Cup - Nigel Gidney

Colour Print of the Year - Blue Poole Trophy - Alan Bevis

Black and White Print of the Year - Burgess Shield - Alan Bevis

Projected Image of the Year - Leigh Shield - Mike Grigsby

Theme Competition (Print) - Panter Rose Bowl - Nigel Gidney

Theme Competition (PDI) - Panter Rose Bowl - Alan King

Natural History Print - Woodhouse Trophy - Nigel Gidney

Natural History Projected Image - Bert’s Bole - Derek Way

Open Print Competition - Alison MacAlister - Erica Beck
(Alternate Years)

Open Projected Image Competition - Alison MacAlister - Terry Mullen

Best of Year Competition Tues.April 4th.

Coloured Prints

1st Alan Bevis - Mating Damselflies

2nd Tim Green - Power House

3rd Gordon Chamberlain- Male Reedling

H/C Jean Dixon - Amongst the Oak Leaves

H/C Nigel Gidney - Grebe with Fish

Black and White

1st Alan Bevis - At the Ploughing Match

2nd Nigel Gidney - Fish & Chips

3rd Alan Bevis - The Face Painter

H/C Nigel Gidney - Pavilion

H/C Jill Riggs - Distant View


1st Mike Grigsby - Ostrich

2nd Jean Dixon - Snowdrop

3rd Jean Dixon - Vetch Seed

H/C Tony Parsons - Goldfinch

H/C Nigel Gidney - Harrow Hawk

H/C Alan Bevis - Winter Robin

H/C Alan King - Level Crossing

League Competition 5 Tues.March 28th

Coloured Print

Gordon Chamberlain - Backlit Hare

B/W Print

Alan Bevis - Watching a Legend


Mike Grigsby - Ostrich Stare

League Competition 4 Tues.Feb.28th

Coloured Print

Alan Bevis - Goldfinch on Thistle

Black & White Print

Alan Bevis - The Face Painter


Nigel Gidney - Hunting Hen Harrier

Woodhouse Print Trophy

1st Grebe with Fish - Nigel Gidney

2nd Goldfinch on Thistle - Alan Bevis

3rd Stinking Iris - Jean Dixon

Bert’s Bole – PDI’s

1st Curlew on the Ice - Derek Way

2nd Charging Grizzly - Graham Tarrant

3rd Pixie Cup Lichen - Jill Riggs

H/C Puffin Rivalry - Nigel Gidney

H/C Red Kite and Raven - Nigel Gidney

League Competition 3 Tues. Jan.24th.

Coloured Print

Tim Green - Power House

B/W Print

Mike Grigsby - Bedtime Reading


Nigel Gidney - Fairy Tales

Alison Macalister Competition Tues.Dec.6th


1st Poser - Erica Beck

2nd Watching a Legend - Alan Bevis

3rd Lunch - Nick Burden

HC Shall I? - Jean Dixon

HC Apologetic Puffin - Mary Bevis

HC Meadow Brown Feeding - Mary Bevis


1st Summer Milky Way at Kimmeridge - Terry Mullen

2nd At the Flower Market - Pat Norris

3rd Southern Sea Lion Dozing - Mike Grigsby

HC Abandoned - Alan King

HC Reflections in the Font at Salisbury Cathedral Light Show - Terry Mullen

HC Giraffe Study - Mike Grigsby

Judge - Trevor Prince

League Competition 2 Tues.Nov.29th

Coloured Prints

Gordon Chamberlain – The Duomo and Giotto’s Bell Tower

B/W Prints

Alan Bevis – At the Ploughing Match


Jean Dixon – Vetch Seed Pod

Theme Competition - 'LINES' Tues.October 11th


1st Nigel Gidney - Windows at the V & A

2nd Alan Bevis - Dockside Architecture

3rd Mary Bevis - Frozen Lines

3rd Jean Dixon - Breeze on the Balcony

H/C Tony Parsons - Black & White Window

H/C Jill Riggs - Infrared Lines in Landscape

H/C John Hayes - Pencil Zipper

H/C Tony Frankland - Normandy Bridge


1st Alan King - Street Lines

2nd Nigel Gidney - Another Day in the Rain

3rd Jill Riggs - Rural Lines

H/C Terry Mullen - Grid Lines

H/C Rob Ellett - Straight and Bent

H/C Mary Bevis - Spider Lines

H/C Tony Parsons - Red Lines

H/C Jill Riggs - Natures Lines

H/C Derek Way - Building Atrium Lines

H/C Nigel Gidney - Copr De

H/C Derek Way - Exhibition Lines

League competition 1 Tues.Sept.27th

Coloured Print

Alan Bevis - Drama at Sea

B/W Print

Nigel Gidney - Dandelion Seed Head


Jean Dixon - Snowdrop

2021/2022 SEASON

Overall Internal League Trophies 2021-22.

Blue Pool Trophy – Coloured Print League Winner

1st Gordon Chamberlain

2nd Alan Bevis

3rd Mary Bevis

Burgess Shield – Black and White League Winner

1st Nigel Gidney

2nd Alan Bevis

3rd Tony Parsons

Leigh Shield – Projected Image League Winner

1st Jean Dixon

2nd Rob Ellett

3rd Terry Mullen

Best of Year Competition Tues. April 5th

Best of Year – Coloured Print

1st Pattie Norris – Meadow

2nd Tim Green – Keep Left

3rd Gordon Chamberlain – Alert Dunnock

H/C Nigel Gidney – Water Obstacle

H/C Gordon Chamberlain – Redshank Reflection

H/C Gordon Chamberlain - Stonechat Lift Off

Best of Year – Black and White Print

1st John Hayes – The Fury of Storm Brian 2017

2nd John Ives - Langdale Cumbria

3rd Tim Green – Ghosts of Aldwych

Best of Year – PDI

1st Terry Mullen – Stranger in the Flock

2nd Mary Bevis – Dewy Buttercup

3rd Rob Elliett – Along the Wall

H/C Malcolm Grimstone – The Way Through the Woods

H/C Nigel Gidney – Hare in the Rain

H/C Alan Bevis – Adonis Blue

H/C Terry Mullen – Thieving Magpie

H/C Terry Mullen -Milky Way at Durdle Door

League Competition 5 Tues March 22nd

Mono Prints

Weathering the Storm - John Hayes

Coloured Prints

Chiffchaff in Open Space - Gordon Chamberlain


Stranger in the Flock - Terry Mullen

League Competition 4 Tues Feb.22nd

Mono Prints

Langdale Cumbria  - John Ives

Coloured Prints

The Pianist   - Pat Norris


Crow Garlic in July   -  Jean Dixon

Berts Bole PDI's and Woodhouse Prints Competition Tues.February 8th

Woodhouse Trophy

1st Gordon Chamberlain - Alert Dunnock

2nd Nigel Gidney - Brown Hare Portrait

3rd Mary Bevis - Speedwell

HC Alan Bevis - Marbled White on Ox-eye Daisy

HC Alan Bevis - Toadstool Group

HC Graham Tarrant - Portrait of Wild Leopard

HC Jean Dixon - Tufted Vex

Bert’s Bole

1st Nigel Gidney - Hare in the Rain

2nd Terry Mullen - Katmai Grizzly

3rd Derek Way - Chiffchaff

HC Graham Tarrant - Otter with Catch

HC Graham Tarrant - Adelie Parade

HC Derek Way - Blackcap Fledglings

HC Alan Bevis - Adonis Blue

HC Alan Bevis - Pale Flax

HC Mike Brown - Leucistic Crow

League Competition 3 Tues.January 25th

Mono prints

Pattie Norris - After the Rain

Coloured prints

Gordon Chamberlain- Redshank Reflection


Tony Parsons - The Race is On

League Competition 2 Tues.November 23rd

Mono prints

Hoping for Supper – Nigel Gidney

Coloured prints

Adams Plaza Bridge – Tim Green


Milky Way Rising at Durdle Door - Terry Mullen

Geoff Pyle Competition Tues.October 19th

Coloured Prints

1st Nigel Gidney – Summer Concert Picnic

2nd Nigel Gidney – Breakfast in the Square

3rd Mary Bevis – Give Us a Lick

H/C Alan Bevis – Train in the Rain


1st Terry Mullen – Milking Time

2nd Alan King – Waiting for the Train

3rd Tony Parsons – Mirror Image

H/C Nigel Gidney – Communicate

H/C Mary Bevis – This is Scary

H/C Mary Bevis – Early Spring at Corfe Castle

H/C Mike Grigsby – Communications

H/C Mike Grigsby – Bembridge Lifeboat Station

League Competition 1 Tues.Sept.28th 2021

Coloured Prints
Gordon Chamberlain - Robin Calling

Mono Prints
Alan Bevis - Home Guard

Rob Ellett - Along the Wall