Internal Competition Results

2020/2021 Season

League Competition No.5 - 16th March 2021

Mono print
Alan Bevis - Departing Swanage

Coloured print
Serefino Anedda - Portland Bill

Mike Brown - The Wellington Clock Tower

H2O Theme Competition- 2nd March 2021

Ist - Serafino Anedda - Waves
2nd - Mike Brown - Refreshing H2O
3rd - Alan King - Other World

Highly Commended

Alan Bevis - Waterfall
Jill Riggs - H2O
Erica Beck - Too Wet For A Walk
Mary Bevis - Rushing Stream
Nigel Gidney -Watery Playground
Jill Riggs - Reflective
Trevor Smith -Mountain Stream
Alan Bevis -Tumbling Stream
Serafino Anedda- Portland Bill
Derek Way - Having A Sip
Jill Riggs - Dorset Falls
Mike Brown - Inviting H2O

League Competition No.4 - 2nd February 2021

Colour and mono prints temporarily suspended due to Covid19.

Serafino Anedda - Frosty Morning

Highly Commended
Terry Mullen - Kingfisher in Retreat
Graham Tarrant - Young Elephant
Alan Bevis - Common Blue on Grass

League Competition No.3.12th January 2021

Mono Prints.
Jill Riggs LRPS - The Woodman.

Coloured Prints
Nigel Gidney - Winter Robin with Apples.

Highly Commended
Mary Bevis - Delicate Fungi.

Rob Ellett - Hong Kong Beehive.

Highly Commended
Tony Parsons - Bearded Tit on Reed.
Jean Dixon - Frosted Blackberry Leaves.
Mike Grigsby LRPS - The Ancients.
Mike Grigsby LRPS - Gall Wasp.

Woodhouse Trophy Prints 1st December 2020

1st - Nigel Gidney - Scarce Chaser
2nd - Graham Tarrant - Long Tailed Tit
3rd - Jill Riggs LRPS - Sulphur Tuft

Bert’s Bole PDI s 1st December 2020

1st - Nigel Gidney - Great Crested Grebes with Feathers
2nd - Graham Tarrant - Banded Demoiselle
3rd - Serafino Anedda - Osprey

Highly Commended
Mary Bevis - Fungi Group
Gordon MacPherson - Raft Spider
Graham Tarrant - Mayfly

League Competition No 2. 3 November 2020

Mono Print
Nigel Gidney - Inside Bend

Print Coloured
Mary Bevis - Backlit Marbled White

Mike Grigsby - Pink Haze

League Competition No1 6 October 2020

Mono Print
Alan Bevis - Steam Age Giant.

Coloured Print
Mary Bevis - Dew Soaked Common Blue

Nigel Gidney - Kingfisher with Minnow

Fun Competition

Winner Pam Bowyer Davis with her image - Being all by myself (click here) to see image.

2019/2020 Season

Best of Year Competition - 16 June 2020 Results

Burgess Shield – Black and White Print of the Year

1st - The Master - Nigel Gidney
2nd - Bleak - Alan Bevis
3rd - Solitude - Graham Tarrant
HC - Tight Bend - Nigel Gidney

Blue Pool Trophy – Coloured Print of the Year

1st - Roe Buck in the Wheat - Gordon Chamberlain
2nd - Blue on Heather - Mary Bevis
3rd - Reed Bunting Feeding - Gordon chamberlain
HC - Beautiful Demoiselle - Mary Bevis
HC - Female Orange Tip - Nigel Gidney
HC - Aggressive Arctic Tern - Alan Bevis

Leigh Shield – Projected Image of the Year

1st - Water Vole - Serafino Anedda
2nd - Scurry Race - Graham Lawrence
3rd - Hong Kong Tramp - Brian Ellis
HC - Someone is Stalking Me - Mike Brown
HC - Quiraing at Dawn - Maggie Lawrence
HC - Bournemouth Beach - Terry Mullen
HC - Coming Home - Rob Ellett
HC - Brimstone Feeding on Thistle - Mary Bevis

The League Competition 2019/2020 Results

Prints - Monochrome
1st - Alan Bevis
2nd - Nigel Gidney
3rd - Graham Lawrence

Prints - Coloured
1st - Gordon Chamberlain
2nd - Serafino Anedda
3rd - Mary Bevis

1st - Terry Mullin
2nd - Nigel Gidney
3rd - Jean Dixon

League Competition 5 - 17 March 2020

Prints - Monochrome
Graham Lawrence - Callanish

Prints - Coloured
Graham Lawrence - Kirkbost

Terry Mullin - Here come the Reds

League Competition 4 - 25 February 2020

Prints - Monochrome
Serafino Anedda - A Pair of Hands

Prints - Coloured
Alan Bevis - Aggressive Artic Tern

Mike Brown- Indian Elephant and Calf

Duncan Trophy 4 February 2020

1st Graham Tarrant
2nd Serafino Anedda
3rd Nigel Gidney

Its A Knockout Competition

Greg Duncan

The Woodhouse Trophy Results

1st Alan Bevis - Aggressive Artic Tern
2nd Mary Bevis - Beautiful Demoiselle
3rd Gordon Chamberlain - Daisy Sniffer

Highly Commended
Alan Bevis - Dolphin Duo
Graham Tarrant - Laid Back Leopard, Luangwa
Gordon Chamberlain - Stretching Little Grebe

Bert’s Bole Results

1st Nigel Gidney - Roe Buck in Flight
2nd Serafino Annedda - Bullfinch
3rd Greylag Goose - Phillip Harris

Highly Commended
Nigel Gidney - Hummingbird Hawk Moth
Phillip Harris - Vipera Berus
Alan Bevis - Autumn Ladies Tresses

The League Competition No 3 Results

Prints Coloured

Alan Bevis - Riding the Rapids

Prints Mono

Graham Lawrence - Crashing Sea


Brian Ellis - Hong Kong Tramp

The League Competition No 2 Results

Prints Coloured

Gordon Chamberlain - Colin the Cuckoo

Prints Mono

Nigel Gidney - The Master


Terry Mullen - Bournemouth Beach

The Alison MacAlister Competition


1st - Alan Bevis - Wing Walkers Display Team
2nd - Mary Bevis - Female reedling
3rd - Alan Bevis - Laid Back Biker

Highly Commended
Pat Ashdown - Street Scene
Hazel Osborne - Getting the Picture
Serafino Anedda - Bee


1st - Gordon MacPherson - Reflective
2nd - Alan King - Crocus Versus the Snow
3rd - Mike Brown - Size is Relative

Highly Commended
Terry Mullen - Santorini Dawn
Gordon MacPherson - Understand Klimt
Jean Dixon - Flower and Buds
Mary Bevis - Mr & Mrs Puffin

The League Competition No 1 Results.

Print Coloured

Gordon Chamberlain - Daisy Sniffer.

Prints Mono

Alan Bevis - Holy Island


Rob Ellett - Harry the Blacksmith