Competition Rules

Standard Rules

Maximum 3 Prints (Colour or Black and White) Maximum 3 PDIs Maximum 4 in total over the three sections unless informed otherwise by the Competition Secretary.

League Competitions

There will be five OPEN league competitions.
Standard Rules apply.
1.Each competition comprises of three sections, Colour and Monochrome Prints which are judged separately. PDI’s, Colour and Monochrome are judged together.
2. All images or significantly similar images entered may be shown a maximum of twice per season excluding the Best of Year Competition.
3. Maximum marks per entry will be 10, half marks may be awarded. Only the entry with the highest mark in each section will count towards the member’s league score.
5. Each member’s entry with the highest mark in each section will be excluded from subsequent league competitions. If there is more than one entry receiving the highest mark members may select which entry is to be excluded from subsequent league competitions.
6. League competition aggregates will be based on 4 out of 5 league scores counting.
7. A maximum of 80 images will be entered across all three sections. The Competition Secretary will inform members if any competition is over subscribed.


1. Prints must be labelled top left hand corner detailing photographer’s name, print title and reference number if applicable.
2. If you wish to use the same title on different images a reference number must be added.
3. If you do not wish the title to be read out a cross must be added.
4. Titles and reference numbers must not be changed.
5. No information to be shown on the front face of the mount.
6. Prints may be trade processed.
7. Monochrome prints which are toned with more than one colour will be classified as being a colour print.
8. Prints must be mounted, maximum mount size 50cm x 40cm (the actual print size within the mount may be chosen by the photographer).
8. If the information on the night does not match the submitted information the image will be disqualified.


Digital images may be submitted on either a USB stick or CD delivered to the Competition Secretary by hand or they may be sent by email to
Entries should be sized max 1400px horizontal max 1050px vertical
Entries should be SRGB Colour space
Entries should be titled as the competition dictates
E.g. 01_Image Title_Your Name
Please see the Tutorial on How To Enter your images. (click here)
Note no underscore between forename and surname
If the information on the night does not match the submitted information the image will be disqualified.
Note: if the images are incorrectly formatted or titled they will be rejected.
All entries must be submitted one week before the competition.

Additional Rules

1. Entries will only be accepted from paid up members.
2. All components of prints and PDI’s entered must be based on images taken by the member. Composite images are permitted provided all component images meet this requirement. This does not include Nature Classes which permit minimal adjustments only to the original image (see nature rules).
Clip art and copyright free material are not accepted.
3. Images or significantly similar images may be entered in to competitions in one season only and a maximum of twice in all excluding Print & PDI of the Year.
4. Images entered into the Print and PDI of the Year must be selected from those submitted in the current season.
5. In the event of a tie in any competition the title and trophy will be shared.
6.In non-league competitions no marks will be awarded by the judge, entries will be progressively eliminated until 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions are awarded.
7. When an image is entered as a colour print it may not be entered as a monochrome print or projected image and vice versa at any time in any future competition.
8. Images included in audio visuals or theme panel competitions may be
submitted as prints or projected images in future competitions. Rule 7 applies from the first submission
9. Images that do not comply with the criteria published or might be deemed to cause offence may be excluded at the discretion of the club competition secretary.

Note 1 – There is an award for the beginner with the highest aggregate marks. Beginners must register with the Competition Secretary at the earliest opportunity.

Note 2 -If you require any guidance or advice regarding club competitions please contact the Competition Secretary.

Non-League Competitions

Theme. Title To be chosen for each season. Standard rules apply unless informed otherwise by the Competition Secretary. Print and PDI Competition.

Alison Macalister Open.

Standard rules apply.
Print and PDI Competition.
Images must not have been entered in any previous competition but may be entered in future competitions in the current season.

Geoff Pyle “Out and About

Standard rules apply
Print & PDI competition, Images must not have been entered in any previous competitions but may be entered in future competitions during the current season.
At Geoff’s request no natural history, wild life, studio portraiture or still life images should be submitted.

Knockout PDI Open Competition

Members can submit up to 6 projected images each until 64 submitted. These will be projected in two’s. Members will vote until 2 are left when a winner will be decided.
Images must not have been entered in any previous competition but may be entered in future competitions during the current season.

Nature Competitions ‘Woodhouse’ Print ‘Berts Bole’ PDI.

Nature photography depicts natural history, botanical species, geology and the wide diversity of natural phenomena.
Images which are of pets, farmed or tamed animals/birds are ineligible.
Landscapes and Seascapes are ineligible. Zoological species in reserves, wildlife parks and zoos are permitted as long as there is no evidence of humans and no restraints visible. Botanical species should be shown in their natural situation. No manipulation is permitted other than cropping, colour balance, removal of minor blemishes and focus stacking.
Monochrome images are ineligible. Maximum of three prints and/or three PDI's can be entered.

Colour Print, Mono Print & PDI of the Year.

Maximum 2 Monochrome, 2 Coloured Prints and 2 PDIs, please number your images 1 to 6..

Additional Information.

1. Accurate and brief descriptive titles are recommended for nature photographs, the use of humorous or cute titles should be avoided.
2. Wareham Camera Club takes part in two exchange presentation evenings every season so members are encouraged to participate by either producing audio visuals or providing a talk. It is requested that talks be a maximum of 10 minutes and audio visuals a maximum of 6 minutes.
4. Members will be asked for their permission to display their images on the club website.
5. Members are respectfully requested not to take drinks near the print stands.
6. Members entering competitions do so on the understanding that their entries may be used in external competitions and exhibitions.
7. Members entering Competitions do so on the understanding that their entries may be shown on the Clubs web site. Should any member not agree then they must say so at the time of submitting their entry. Members will be asked to provide a Digital image of a successful print.

Please refer to "How to enter Print & PDI images for Competitions" under Tutorials or(click here).

Revised Edition 1 June 2015
(amended 2 Dec 2015 - Rule 7 added toAdditional Information).
(amended 10 July 2016 - Standard Rules 3prints and 3 DPI's max 4 overall.
(amended 16 September 2018 to refer to the Tutorial for How to enter Print & PDI images for competitions)